4 Essential Car Gadgets for Today’s Family

3 Essential Car Gadgets for Todays Family 4 Essential Car Gadgets for Todays Family

4 Essential Car Gadgets for Today’s Family

You might end up becoming a full-time chauffeur if you are a parent. Apart from the school run, you will also have to ferry your children around to doctor’s appointments, football training, parties, swimming lessons and virtually everything that you can think of.

Sure, you love your children so you do not mind doing it, but the more time you spend behind the wheel the more it probably makes you think. Your car is no longer your car anymore; it is now a proper family car. Therefore, there are many essential gadgets and gizmos that can consider, which will transform your car into a family car. At the same time you will also have to make sure that you understand what different types of makes and models can give you.

1. Tray table

Easy and quick, a tray table that is quite similar to the flip down tables that are present on airplane can enable your kids to have a nice smooth surface to play with their toys on, while they are building a castle, racing toy cars or recreating the moon landings.

2. In-Car DVD

These days, an in-car DVD has become so popular that it is something that should be in your family car. Although this is being offered as a standard gadget in the high end models of vehicles available today, it is not necessary that you have a top of the range car. Fortunately, there are great aftermarket products so you can always emulate the standard options. A myriad of features are offered by the new generation of DVD Headrest Screens, such as games and movie playback from a majority file formats, while even external sources like iPods and PlayStations can be linked too.

3. iPod Car Kit

While traveling, you can really lift your family’s mood with some music. Whilst you are on the open road, your family will enjoy singing along to their favorite tunes, and an iPod car kit is a much better gadget for this purpose than a CD or tape player. A kit that you can fit to the standard stereo of your car is the most popular solution. With the latest kits, you can connect the latest iPods to your car and play your entire music library.

4. Power Converter

Perhaps your kids might not be pleased with the tunes you are fond of listening to. A power converter can really ensure that you keep enjoying your music, while your kids also have something to do. The kids might not even understand what this product actually is, but once installed, they will be able to run a game console, laptop or just about any electrical device in the car. When combined with an in-car DVD solution, your car will transform into an entertainment hub.

It can be really challenging to keep your family entertainment while you are out on the road, especially when you have children traveling with you. The good news is that investing in the above gadgets will make your car more family-friendly and ensure that your family remains pleased throughout the journey. If you have a UK provisional driving license, then make sure you drive under the supervision of a fully licensed driver when driving with your family and kids.

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