4 Tips To Prepare For The Google Algorithm 2014

SEO 3 4 Tips To Prepare For The Google Algorithm 2014

There were several changes and updates by Google many   are asking this question that is SEO dead as a profession. Google has taken many spam fighting steps to increase the quality of the search engines. For the businesses the need of online presence is getting stronger and there is huge competition. So here are some suggestions for the companies and professionals that are thinking of the digital strategies for 2014.

SEO 2013 will be valid in 2014

We can expect micro adjustments to the penguin and panda that continue targeting both content as well as link quality. Smart marketers are going to benefit from keeping an eye on their link profiles and also by performing audits so that they can identify and remove which were built unnaturally. Investment of the high quality content is going to remain critical as it was in the previous year.   A strong foundation of SEO will be structured this year on the understanding of what happened in the year 2013.

Content marketing will rule

Content marketing was in the buzz last year and now it is going to mature than ever in 2014. From the perspective of SEO Google will have eyes on the companies that will have robust CM marketing efforts as a sign that they are the real business which Google will support? There are several advantages of the good content strategy

  • Helpful and regular content will be provided to the audience
  • Freshness  your websites will have and also the sign  that your sites  are growing and live
  • Social signals  from regular engagement  and sharing
  • Increasing authority that is connected to the body of work.

What changes you will have to make in 2014 will depend upon the company and how active you are in relation with the content marketing strategy. Companies with existing strategies will need to assess the mobile role as well. If you have decided to move in the direction of the content marketing then this is the time to diversify and commit.

Social media plays visible role

For the past few years social media have played a major role. First, we saw a rise in the twitter and Facebook. Diversification is the major trend today depending upon who you are targeting. It is difficult to be active on the one network. Here are a few questions which professionals and companies will have to answer

  • Are they taking social media seriously? Are they employing the pillars of reciprocity, strong profiles, good content and engagement?
  • Is social sharing enabled for the whole content?
  • Are they active on the major social networking sites in their industry and customers?

Invest in Google+

Of you want to strength your social media marketing position, and then it is going to be critical for you if you are not investing in Google + presence. So establish a Google content authorship and tie it to your Google account. This will play important role in SERP getting strengthened your author rank. There are plenty of benefits, which you are going to get with the Google+ authorship.

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