5 Most Disillusioning Facts About iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S 5 Most Disillusioning Facts About iPhone 5S

Facts About iPhone 5S

Even Apple iPhone5S has become popular these days in today’s market due to the enhanced features and specifications. When anyone makes a close observation on this enhanced version of Apple 5, there are some minor up-gradations made in this from its predecessors. The faster processor and fingerprint recognition technology do not offer much excitement to any of the Apple users. There are some letting down facts about this, mentioned below:

1.       Processor

Manufacturers have flaunted 64 bit architecture of the processor that is incorporated into Apple iPhone 5S. This processor will use the most amount of power. The speedy processor only offers support for accelerating certain apps and games and this is not much utilized for most of the general applications. Apple launching presentation told about the technical features and specifications of A7 chips available in this Smartphone but unable to reveal that how this will benefit the users.

2.       Screen

As there is a rising trend of Smartphones with larger sizes of display screens, Apple has made iPhone 5S with the same dimensions of the screen, but this screen does not please most of the users. IPhone 5S has same screen dimensions of 4 inch screen similar to Apple 5. Even users are seeking for iPhablet, the display screen must be big enough in order to provide better viewing to those users who wish to have a proper and reliable entertainment device.

3.       Memory

Apple could not able to compete with other rivals on the basis of storage memory, when compared. Manufacturers do not consider the storage memory to be expanded. They do not take care of the fact that this device has neither expandable internal storage memory nor have an option of adding external memory storage. Users feel very bored and smothered as this device have a small amount of memory for storage of their apps, videos, games and music.

4.       Battery

IPhone 5S has failed in providing better pack of battery that could increase the backup for this device, as most of the users seek for this special feature. The battery life on standby, video and talk still stays unchanged when the comparison is made with other models. Most of the users think that new and faster processor may consume much more amount of power, therefore reducing the expected backup from one time charging. Due to this reason, many users do not like this device.

5.       Little Innovation

As there are some enhanced features that has been found in iPhone 5S than its predecessors. One of the most advanced feature found in this device is finger print recognition characteristics. It is considered as one of the few innovations made in this Smartphone. However, this characteristic has been considered as a very small and much more than improvement, it stays as the necessity of an hour. The industry  of Smartphones has risen to such definite heights in which technology that receives continuous updates can remain in the market.

So, these are some disappointing features of iPhone 5S that need to considered by manufacturers in order for them to rise in the Smartphone industry.

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