5 Tips for Selecting a Domain Registrar

Domain Registrar is an organization which manages the reservation of domains on internetiStock 000012973482XSmall 150x150 5 Tips for Selecting a Domain Registrar.

Following are some important points which need to be considered while selecting a Domain Registrar

  1. Available TLDs and CC-TLDs: The Domain Registrar should able to register domains of all Top Level Domains (TLDs) like .com, .org and Country-code Top Level Domains (CC-TLDs) like .in, .us, .co.in etc. It’s one of the important factors as if the current registrar doesn’t allow you to register various TLDs you will have to search another registrar. This will make you difficult to manage the domains as they are registered by multiple registrars. The main advantage to have all domains under one registrar is you have a single point to manage all the domains. Also you can ask for more discounts from the registrar at the time of renewal or any new domain registration
  2. Control Panel: Control panel provided by the domain registrar to manage the domains should be user friendly and easy to understand so a newbie user can also able to operate it without any problems. The control panel should be simple and provide all the functions like name server management, DNS management etc.
  3. DNS Management: DNS functions like private name servers, hosting DNS zones etc are some important features which can help a newbie to manage the domain and its DNS without any hassle.  Easy DNS Management will help to make the domain online soon and it will also avoid DNS propagation related issues.
  4. Domain security and Privacy Management: Many domain registrars provide various tools for domain security and Identity management of the domain owner. Domain Security is very important to keep your domain secure from unauthorized transfers or domain thefts. Right now most of the domain registrars provide such security free of costs.
  5. Registration and renewal offers: All the registrars run various offers for domain registration and renewal. So while selecting a Domain Registrar keep this point in mind and make sure you get a best and cheap deal.

Domain is your identity on internet and to protect this identity selection of a good Domain Registrar is very important.

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