6 Reasons Why People in India Don’t Prefer To Buy Online

When there is a lot of talk on the various benefits of buying online, it seems that the tendency to go online is not favored by a section of internet population in India. Apart from those who are in front of their computer to ‘sweat it out’ to earn a living, an impressive percentage of internet users go online for various other purposes and that includes shopping online. However, there is still around 40% of the internet users who avoid buying online and they have their reasons.

 1) Too Far To Touch

While it is true that internet has brought the world closer, you are still miles away from the merchandize you are looking to buy. It is all fine to shop from home but you only get to see the product and not feel it. Though a good number of internet users (the number is growing) have become accustomed to shopping online, there are still people who avoid online purchase for this reason. While buying directly from a shop, you feel the product before you pay for it. Moreover, in case of apparels, you are allowed to try it on before you place your order.

 2) Shocking Deliveries

Where apparels are concerned, color is another issue of concern. The delivered product may not look the color that you ordered online. This could not be the company’s fault but shades differ under different lights. In shops, you have provision to try the apparel on you to see if the color goes well with you, which is not possible while buying from online stores. There are times when a product might arrive in a damaged state. This calls for returning of goods and wait until a fresh one is sent out to you. While you do physical shopping, you may take time to reach a shop but you return with your product. In online shopping, you need to wait till the goods arrive.

 3) How Safe Is ‘Safe’?

Identity thefts and internet scams are quite common and hence it is no wonder that you are wary of giving out your bank details to an online store while you place an order. Websites claim that their sites are secure and hence you could trust your details to be safe. However, the possibility of fraud till stays buried in the minds of the people in India. Though a majority number of internet users have grown out of this fear, for those who are against online shopping, this is yet another reason to stay away.

 4) Staying Connected

Though remaining connected on internet makes things easier for you, some people love the interaction they have with the outside world. It is altogether a different ‘staying connected’. Some love the experience of shopping out as they get out of the house, feel some fresh air, enter the shop with a few words here and there and let the shopkeeper do the convincing as they attack him or her with questions. When they have friends to accompany them, shopping out is greater fun than online shopping.

 5) The Bargaining Element

 For the bargaining lot, shopping online may not be enticing. Most of the people love to bargain and feel happy when they are able to get a product for a lesser amount than in the price tag. This is also one of the reasons some people do not nourish the idea of entering a store, which carries ‘Fixed price. No bargain’ signboard. With online shopping, you have to agree on the price mentioned and you only have the option to choose the mode of payment.

 6)  Shipping and Other Charges

 Shipping charges naturally cross your mind when you think of online shopping. It is also one of the reasons for people to avoid buying online. Some online stores tend to hike the rates for shipment to cover up for the discounts they offer. On the other hand, certain online stores claim that they do not charge shipping charges but in case there is a need to expedite delivery, shipping charges becomes applicable. Purchasing from other countries may result in your being charged custom fees and other taxes.

 If the above-mentioned reasons were on your mind as well, it is high time you reconsidered. It is true that the above-mentioned problems are present but online stores like Myntra and Yebhi do their best to make their customers happy. It is also true that you will not be able to try out the product on you but Myntra’s Style Studio helps you out here. It enables you to click picture of yourself and then click on a particular product to see how you look in it. Yebhi’s try and buy offer exceeds your expectations as it delivers the material first for you to try at your home. You could try it on and if you like make the payment. If not you can return the product to the delivery person along with the invoice. This way you could feel the product as well as avoid the risk of unpleasant surprises during delivery.

 As far as safety is concerned, most of the online stores take care to ensure that your bank details are safe. As far as bargaining is concerned, is it not a great idea to get products for a discounted rate without bargaining? Using myntra coupons and yebhi coupon codes help to save money on your purchases. Various other online stores offer wonderful discounts that you could never bargain for in your traditional shopping. With regard to shipping charges, if only you take some time to browse, you will find genuine sites that do not charge for shipping. If at all there are any shipment and other charges, you could add it up to the cost of the product and then decide if it is a worth buy. When everything else is favorable, it would naturally be a better idea to go online for shopping. Have a great day shopping online.

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