How You Can Get More Fans And Like’s For Your Page

FB 1 How You Can Get More Fans And Like’s For Your Page

The basis of the Facebook marketing is Facebook likes and Facebook followers. The first thing to clear out is the difference between the above terms, if you are a fan, if you are a follower or you just like them what does it imply.

Well when you like a page, or a post, or a product, you get the posts of the brand on your news feed. When you become a fan, it is less like a friend, meaning you get notifications of their activities which are public in nature. When you subscribe you get all posts of the person or page you have subscribed to.

Now coming on to the techniques to increase the number of likes and fans of your page. The reason people come to the page is to be entertained. The posts have to be interesting, engaging and novel. These are the least requirement of a successful brand. The task of increasing the Facebook likes is simple; however there are boundaries to be maintained. If treading into grey area means more likes, remember it has a negative side as well. (If complain is registered, your page would be blocked).

The engaging aspect of the page can be defined from the videos which are hilarious, the posts which have some message or a post with an esthetical appeal.

The email list you have developed so painstakingly over the years can be easily used in this platform. Invite your contacts and have them join your page. Facebook has an option for this as well. The suggest friend option, the message group option and the frequent updates on the page are few of the easy methods.

Cashing on the moment and being politically right is of upmost importance. The hue and cry raised over a misspoken word can provide a scope for delightful conversation. This increases the activity. Inviting celebrity over for a chat, having one of a kind content posted on the website are few must-dos. One point to be noted here is that unless you ask for it, there are little or no chances of people liking you. The trick is to market you.

Like a good business is first tested on the friends or trusted ones, check your page and its impact on friends and family. Make sure that the message is clear and make improvements on the feedback. This way the alpha test would save you from making a major gaffe. Now having covered this basic aspect, let’s see some of the more obscure options.

The number of likes and the fans can be increased by hosting interesting contests, utilizing the Facebook tools like #tags and @tags, the open Facebook graphs, the sponsored stories, the promoted posts among the usual like section. Facebook in itself has a well-planned strategy for the users to reach a maximum audience.

The added technology has the like box option, shop tab and links to various other social networking websites this gives your fans a complete online experience at one place. The only thing required is for the admin to be aware of the available features. This is the starting step for adding one’s own features in the apps and tools is what will make you stand out. A free take away from a certain contest, a gift, online appreciation of a post are all about creating a friendly atmosphere on the web page. The theory of organizational behaviors and work atmosphere are of importance at the pages, when words like feel of the page, appeal of the posts and the ambience sound alien to your, the page is in trouble. Make sure to score on these counts for the word of mouth publicity can not to be discounted.

t is all about making and maintaining contacts.

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