Classic Advertisments of Indian Television

With time Indian Television has changed a lot and the advertisments which are shown in television are also changed. Now companies are trying to make more creative and attractive advertisments but there are some classic ads which made a place in our hearts like “Sab Gussa Karte Hain, Main ghar chod ke jar raha hu…”, “Hamara bajaj” or favicol’s “Jor laga ke Haiya…”. Here we are going to show you some such classic ads of Indian Television and take you to the tour of that time…

1) Cadbury
Today when we think about it the first thing which comes in mind is “Kuch Meetha ho jaye”(lets have something sweet) but in that time Cadbury was the only synonym for a chocolate. Check the ad… “Aasli Swaad Zindagi Ka” (Real taste of life)

2) Bajaj
Bajaj scooters were once a lifeline of India, it was not just a scooter it was a status, it was part of the family. The advertisement don’tonly market the product but it also connected it with Indian Growth.

3) Dhara
I really don’t have any comments on this.. one of the most cutest and sweetest ads one have everseen. People still remember the dialouge of the Kid “Sab gussa karte hai main ghar chod ke jaa raha hu” (I am leaving as everyone in home gets angry on me)

4) Fevicol
This advertisement has lot of creativity .. again one of the classic ads

5) Parle-G
Parle-G is the largest selling brand of biscuits in the world and their advertisements are getting creative with time but this one is one of the best ads.

One more sweet ad which I want to include at the end and its none other than ” Cadbury

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