How To Get an Ideal SEO Proposal

seo proposal How To Get an Ideal SEO Proposal

Get an Ideal SEO Proposal

Among all the SEO companies in the market today, there are a majority of companies that simply as you to select an SEO package. Upon selection of the package, they work on improving the quality of your website and you get whatever benefit that comes with it. However, this is not actually the best way to go about Search Engine Optimization. No two websites are different. Hence, a lot of things need to be done before it is decided that you do not do not need a certain SEO package.

Getting Your Website Analyzed.

This is one of the first things that need to be done when determining what kind of an SEO package (or customized proposal) will suit you. The way your website is built has a lot to do with whether or not it will be able to tell a search engine about the name of the company, what it does, where it is located, and so on. Hence, an SEO company invariably has to look into the design of your website. If your website is not search engine friendly, it would require more work to be done both on the website and off the website for you to ensure good results.

Researching on Keywords

A keyword is a calculated guess of the kind of search phrases a customer will come up with when searching for the product or service you offer. SEO works by optimizing the performance of your website for those particular keywords so that when they are searched for, your website turns up first. However, identifying the keywords with appropriate research is a very important thing to do. If you get the keywords wrong, all the best SEO of the world won’t get you your primary requirement: higher site traffic and hence profits.

Doing a Feasibility Survey

Let’s take an example. You sell potatoes, and there are fifty people in your locality who want to buy potatoes. Now your website, even without search engine optimization, gets forty customers due to lack of competition. Hence, the best SEO can do for you is get you the last 10 people as well. If you go to an SEO company asking for a rise in the number of customers by 100% (i.e. from 30 to 60), your goals will be unrealistic as there are only fifty people willing to buy!

Before you invest lots of money on SEO, a good SEO company will evaluate your objectives and demands for you and come up with the chances of such results happening. If the chances are not too much, you would probably be asked and advised on how to re-evaluate your goals and come up with something that SEO can do for you. Most companies do not do a feasibility study and hence do not manage to always provide the standard of service they claim they will provide. Also, clients who agree to a deal without feasibility analysis often turn out to be disappointed.

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