Sitemarks Weekly Wrap-up: April 8th 2012

Welcome to Sitemarks Weekly Wrap up. Following are the selected News for the week

  1. 110 Trending Topics in 5 Hours: How WWE Wrestlemania Body-Slammed Social Media
  2. A Masterpiece Then and Now: Why James Cameron’s Titanic Needs No Defense
  3. Survey: Google’s Android OS captures more than half of US smartphone market
  4. Burnout Crash coming to iOS
  5. Apple and Facebook Should Be Terrified Of Google-Tinted Glasses
  6. Kim Kardashian — Bikini Butt Au Natural
  7. FTC fines RockYou $250,000 for storing user data in plain text
  8. Twitter anti-spam lawsuit targets auto-tweeters
  9. Comparing Cloud Hosting with Dedicated Hosting
  10. 2012 BMW i8 Spyder – World Premiere
  11. U.S. moves to ease Myanmar sanctions after reforms
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