Sitemarks Weekly Wrap-up: August 5th 2012

Welcome to Indian Social Bookmarking Weekly Wrap up. Following are the selected News for the week

  1. The Federated Web Should Be Easier Than It Sounds
  2. 8 Best Superhero Games
  3. 10 Movies Where Friendship Turned into Love
  4. BioWare details Leviathan and Firefight Mass Effect 3 DLC
  5. Info on Skyrim DLC for PC coming this week
  6. Honda S90 Cafe Racer
  7. 8.7 percent Facebook accounts are fake
  8. Olympics attendees asked to ‘take it easy’ on tweets and texts
  9. What Facebook Reveals About Olympics Fans [INFOGRAPHIC]
  10. Syria says it recaptures Aleppo district after battle
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