Sitemarks Weekly Wrap-up: February 19th 2012

Welcome to Sitemarks Weekly Wrap up. Following are the selected News for the week

  1. Startup develops handwriting recognition technology for Kindle Touch
  2. Book Publishers Shut Down and iFile-it
  3. Guinness World Records announces 50 best video game endings, gives #1 to Black Ops
  4. No new Xbox announcement in 2012
  5. Khursheed claims electricity supply at Rs 5
  6. 10 Facebook Promotion Tips You Don’t Know About
  7. Quote of the day
  8. Family and friends gather for Houston goodbye
  9. Microsoft Store India hacked; plain text passwords revealed
  10. Megaupload Co-Founder Released On Bail
  11. New Max Payne 3 trailer out now
  12. How to Write Killer Blog Post Openings that Keep People From Leaving
  13. In Pics: Esha Deoland’s Engagement!
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