Sitemarks Weekly Wrap-up: January 15th 2012

Welcome back to Weekly Wrap up. Following are the selected News for the week

  1. Ghost Recon Future Soldier delayed
  2. The Darkness II Demo Coming Out This Month
  3. Bomb kills Iran nuclear scientist as crisis mounts
  4. 10 of the Best Articles for Learning More About Photography
  5. 5 Ways to Get More Work Done without Actually Working
  6. Creating files in SSH results in “Internal Server Error (500)” accessing the file
  7. The Pirate Bay Shows Futility of Domain and DNS Blocks
  8. Sky apps to go social with Zeebox integration
  9. MadCatz Demos Two Crazy Game Controllers: The FightStick V.S. And The Pro Circuit
  10. Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD unveiled for AT&T
  11. New York Times ‘Truth Vigilantes’ Comment Draws Backlash, Humor on Twitter [PICS]
  12. Electricity only reaches one in three Afghans
  13. Bipasha Basu’s Birthday Party Video ‘Leaked’ Online!
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