Sitemarks Weekly Wrap-up: January 1st 2012

Welcome to New Year and its time for our Weekly Wrap up(First wrap up of the year). Following are the selected News for the week

  1. BlackBerry PlayBook prices slashed by 50%, till December 31
  2. Angry Birds named most downloaded paid app of 2011
  3. In Depth: The future of Google revealed
  4. Top 10 Most Pirated Games of 2011
  5. Apple to possibly debut completely redesigned iPhone in Fall 2012
  6. RED Sues Arri Over Email Hacking, False Advertising In HD Camera Dust-Up
  7. GameSpy’s 2011 Videogame Awards
  8. The best video game trailers of 2011
  9. Insight: FDA warned PIP on implant safety in 2000
  10. Mashup Blends 25 of 2011’s Hottest Songs [VIDEO]
  11. YouTube’s 10 Most-Viewed Ads of 2011
  12. Imagining realistic resolutions for a fit New Year
  13. Most Searched Lists of 2011
  14. How to Track Your Gmail Login Activity.
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