Top Expensive Watches in the World

There no such secret to share that watches have become a status symbol. The more expensive you watch is the higher your status can be. From a poor man to the richest man all wear watch. But have you ever imagined how expensive a watch can be? There are watches that tell you the correct time while there are some watches that tell the world who you are. If you’re a highly rich person, having a personal chopper, jet plane, piles of cash around you. You can buy such watch for you or your sweetheart. There are many watches available in million dollars having expensive gems and diamonds studded into them, giving a very rich look to the watch and your personality. The richer you are the more complex becomes for you to buy the watch. You can know the best watch for you and the offers and deals on different watches on Watchkart Promo Coupons. If you have hobby of knowing different watches available in the market you can get the info on the top expensive watches here in this blog. There are many million dollar watches available, but I have listed only top 5 here.

1) Chopard 201 carat  $25 million

Chopard was established in the middle of the 19th century when someone bought its 201 carat watch at auction for the first time.

carat Chopard Top Expensive Watches in the World

This watch was sold in year 2000 for $25 million. We even can imagine that somebody can spend such a big amount of money for a watch, but they do. It features 3 heart shape diamond, 139 round diamonds 289 pear-shaped diamonds, and 443 yellow diamonds in total 874 diamonds in it. All the diamonds come in different colour, weight and size. Its unique design makes us to see the watch opening like a flower.

2) Patek Philippe- Henry Graves-Pocket Watch- $11 million

patek 518065 300x193 Top Expensive Watches in the World

This watch was made in 1932. It took 4 long years to make this 18 carat gold watch. This watch features 24 mechanical functions that are beyond telling time. This watch was booked by New York banker Henry Graves. This watch was a record breaking pocket watch when sold at auction in the year 1999.

3) Louis Moinet Meteoris Watch $4.6 million

louismoinetmeteoriswatch 286481 300x193 Top Expensive Watches in the World

The watch features that it is made from the pieces of meteorite, asteroid and the moon. There are 4 watch pieces of this collection “Tourbillon Mars”, “Tourbillon Rosetta Stone”, “Tourbillon Asteroid” and “Tourbillon Moon”, each watch more outstanding than the other one.

4) Piaget Emperador Temple Watch $3.3 million

Piaget Emperador Temple Diamonds Watch 300x262 Top Expensive Watches in the World

The watch is made of 18 carat yellow gold featuring polychrome and enamel dial. In 2010Piaget launched Emperador style watch which crammed more diamonds in it. Piaget fixed 1200 diamonds into the watch that seems to be impossible. The secret of studding this many diamonds in a watch is the pyramid style “temple” design of the watch case. The watch opens up twice. First a small hatch opens up showing the mother of pearls. Then again the hatch opens up showing the one minute Tourbillon and power reserve indicator. With this plenty of surface space, Piaget is able to stud hundreds of diamonds in its watch.

5) Tourbillion Diamants  $1.8 million

 Tourbillon Diamantes Relógio de luxo  300x199 Top Expensive Watches in the World

Tourbillion Diamants is one of the top expensive watches created by Blancspain and swatch group. The watch has 480 diamonds studded in it. Tourbillion is a water resistant watch that features 7 day power storage. The watch can be purchased at a price of $1.8 million.


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