Various Options Available to Tackle Slanderous & Fake Google Reviews

Fake Google Reviews Various Options Available to Tackle Slanderous & Fake Google Reviews

Various Options Available to Tackle Slanderous & Fake Google Reviews

The internet services have played a great role in improving the outreach of a business service to its potential customers, thus, providing a benefit of gaining more revenue. Other than this, many review sites have been developed to help customers review and rate the service of a business that they have dealt with. This helps new customers find a reliable business service to buy required products or subscribe to their services, but many non-ethical methods have been developed to gain false ratings by different business owners. A common unethical practice includes posting fake bad reviews against their competitor and getting paid reviews for their own business to gain a better ranking.

To deal with this type of issue, there are a number of different options available with different review sites to help you take down a fake feedback and remove scambook from review sites. Some of the commonly available options to deal with and hence, reduce the impact of fake reviews are discussed below.

  • Flag as inappropriate: This is a common option available under every review in Google+ Local pages and other prominent review sites. In Google+, you are provided with a flag icon at the bottom of the review that you can click on to rate the review as inappropriate. With this effort, you can raise an alert for the review site to verify the authenticity of the review posted and hence, take down the same, if found irrelevant.
  • Respond to the feedback: As the page owner, you also have an option to respond to the review posted against you, which you can follow to communicate with the reviewer. This is the second option, in case you failed to get the review removed from the review site, despite rating it as inappropriate content. This way you can contact the person who posted the review to remove the same and offer a resolution, if needed.
  • Report the profile of the user: This method is used to reduce the impact of a fake reviewer against your business on an overall basis. This method needs to be practiced, when you find a single person posting multiple fake reviews or irrelevant content against your business services. This profile is likely to be a dummy profile used by your competitors to gain advantage by reducing the rating of your business. Once blocked by the review site, you will be able to get all the reviews posted by the user eliminated in a natural manner, thus preventing your business rating.
  • Report Legal Action: This method comes out as the last hope to get a negative review pushed down, which needs you to raise a legal action against the review and the reviewer. Different review sites have different procedures to practice this method, which you need to begin with rating the content as inappropriate or irrelevant. A legal action against a fake post can help you find the culprit and eliminate all the negative impact caused, gaining back your business reputation and rating.

Although, internet technology has advanced to an extent that users can find reliable solutions to their problems, yet its misuse can cause a consumer to end up with a non-reliable service, which can be reduced by following above mentioned points.

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