Weekly: Interesting Websites and Nifty Android Apps

We are happy to announce that the Indian Social bookmarking is starting a new series of blog posts every week where we will be sharing some useful websites and Android applications which will make your life easier.

Sitemarks of the Week:

Following are the useful websites which Sitemarks suggests to their readers to bookmark in their browsers:

Sound Gecko: You came across a nice article but it happens sometime that you don’t have time to read it. soundgeko 300x190 Weekly: Interesting Websites and Nifty Android AppsWell, in such cases you can use SoundGeeko, a custom text-to-speech website which converts any internet page, article or write-ups into an audio file. After conversion you can simply download the file and play it in your favorite mp3 player. Using this site is very simple, all you have to do is to copy and paste the link of the article you want to listen and your email address where SoundGeeko will send the converted MP3 file (usually you will receive the file in few minutes). You can also synchronize the converted file with your dropbox or Google Doc and listen anytime anywhere.

Aherk: How many time you set some goals like quit smoking or losing weight – and a month later you have list of excuses to leave your goal. If you face this problem then Aherk aherk 300x185 Weekly: Interesting Websites and Nifty Android Appsis the place to set goal. Aherk is a black mailer service which threatens you to publish an incriminating photograph to your Facebook wall if you miss any deadline. Visit Aherk and its a three step setup. First you have to login using your Facebook, then set your goal and third step is to upload a embarrassing image. Once the deadline expires, your friends will vote on whether or not you achieved your target. Enough negativeness and the photo will be posted on Facebook.

Mobimarks of the Week:

Following are the Android applications which we have selected for you. You can directly scan the QR code from your Android device download it

Flowfree: It’s a simple and addictive game in which you qr ff 150x150 Weekly: Interesting Websites and Nifty Android Appshave connect two similar color dots in a grid to complete a level. BFlow Free Weekly: Interesting Websites and Nifty Android Appsut make sure not to cross path of any other colour and you have to fill the complete grid. You can start with easy level (5×5 grid) and move to hardest (14×14 grid). It also got Time trial mode where you have to complete a level in minimum time.

Tuneln Radio: Not happy with your local radio stations? Try the Tuneln Internet radio app. unnamed Weekly: Interesting Websites and Nifty Android AppsAfter installation, choose a category – Music, News, Sports – or browseqr tr 150x150 Weekly: Interesting Websites and Nifty Android Apps stations by location or language. Then, choose from the channels displayed in the list. The app plays the fastest stream it can find for your choice. You can play or pause at any time, and even set the channel as a favorite. Tuneln also allows you to set the time to buffer before play, from 3 to 30 seconds – very useful on slower Internet connections. Another option lets you shake the phone to discover new stations. The paid ‘Pro’ app also allows you to record what’s playing.

Between: If there’s one person whom you tend to I talk to more than anyone else – a between Weekly: Interesting Websites and Nifty Android Appsspouse, boy/girlfriend – then you both need to install Between and addqr bw 150x150 Weekly: Interesting Websites and Nifty Android Apps the others phone number to the app. The software, which works as a communication platform between two people, has tabs that let you, share photos, messages and calendar events between the both of you. And you can even create memos such as shopping lists. Besides, you can also favorite photos and memos with a star so it shows up in the `memory box’ in the main tab. The more you use this app, the easier it’s going to be to search through all the exchanges between you and that special someone.
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